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Data Science and Public Opinion Analysis

My public opinion analysis has been published in the Washington Post and The Conversation, where I discuss the role of race and racism in support for U.S. foreign policy. This work has also been recently referenced in the New York Times.

"If you want to know what Americans think about bombing Iran, find out what they think about race", The Washington Post (2021)

"Racial bias makes white Americans more likely to support wars in nonwhite foreign countries – new study", The Conversation (2021)

Since 2020 I have worked as a survey analyst and strategist for campaigns, organizations, and institutions. Before returning to academia in 2013, I served as Field Director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Prior to that, I worked as a field organizer and canvas director for several political organizations. You can find more about that work here.

My current projects involve surveys and survey experiments of U.S. public opinion and foreign policy in the run-up to the 2024 Presidential Election. You can find more about my 2024 Presidential Election polling project here: 

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